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  • August 11, 2017

Job Description

Sanli Shang International Introduction
Sanli Shang International (SSI) is an independent, co-educational, after-school learning center that provides private Chinese families with U.S. Common Core standards-based curriculum (USCCC), intensive test prep, and independent advisory throughout the child’s development. Targeting students aged between 3-18, we offer an academically rigorous, balanced and engaging learning environment both domestic and abroad. In particular, our reach goes beyond borders to provide comprehensive guardianship and boarding life consulting services in the New England area.

To best prepare students for the increasingly globalized world – academically, socially and professionally, our proprietary curriculum not only aims to develop crucial life skills including academic ability, critical thinking, communication, intellectual curiosity and service mindset, and ultimately, self-awareness, but more importantly, we provide official US high school course credits so our students can have a significant edge even in comparison to their American peers.

At SSI, we tailor-make education solutions designed to bring out and enhance the unique mix of strengths each individual student has to offer.

LEEP (Language Enrichment + English Prep) Introduction

The LEEP school is designed for Chinese students from 3-12 years old. Children study English in the most natural and intuitive way through active participation and subject-based courses related to their daily lives. In alignment with U.S. Common Core Standards, we use a combination of in-house materials and Harcourt Mifflin Publisher’s books for each core subject: science, health, social studies, grammar and math. Teachers are encouraged to use their own strategies and activities to creatively deliver each class, as long as the objective and goals of each lesson are met. It is good to get the job done, but far more effective when it’s done in a fun and engaging manner.

LEEP’s central philosophy is to learn English in the same way we acquire our first language, and this can only be achieved by an English ONLY learning environment. The sole objective is to transform local Chinese speaking children into truly bilingual kids. Classes are taught in an exciting, inspiring, and expressive atmosphere — we encourage our students to speak their thoughts and let their imaginations run wild. The goal is for students to realize their potentials and reach their own educational goals.

What We’re Looking For


Qualities we look for in a LEEP teacher:
 Enthusiasm for understanding, engaging, and teaching young children
 Proven experience and love for teaching
 Ability to captivate the attention and interest of young children between ages 4-8
 Great team spirit and group mentality

The most important quality we seek in our candidates is an absolute love for kids and teaching. A genuine love for kids is a quality that can be neither hidden nor acquired. We want teachers that can engage and help young learners gain valuable life skills. Our goal is to develop problem-solving strategies and critical thinking — all of which is achieved in a fun yet competitive atmosphere. We are looking for teachers that can meet the rigorous learning outcomes of each grade level, all the while creating a positive educational climate for young students to learn and grow in.

Roles and Responsibilities:
 Teach students ages 3-12 (Must teach on weekends during regular school year)
 Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities
 Grade and evaluate students’ work
 Assess and interview potential students

Desired Skill and Experience

Desired Skills and Experience
 Native MALE English Speaker (American accent)
 TESOL/TEFL/teaching certificate preferred
 Educational background in Teaching/Early Education/Child Psychology preferred
 Top 50 US universities preferred
 At least 2 years of experience teaching 4-8 year olds

Compensation Package
 Flexible full-time schedule, but must work on weekends during regular school year. Summer and winter breaks are generally reversed schedule.
 Paid National Holidays
 15 Paid Vacation Days per year
 Z-Visa Sponsorship
 Health Insurance (Ping An Health Insurance Company of China, Mainland China Only)
 Annual bonus based on performance and company profitability

If interested, please send your CV to samantha@jingjobs.com and state clearly in your application the position title you are applying to.
Full JD, here: http://jingjobs.com/job/view/Y2VsaW5lQGppbmdqb2JzLmNvbQ==/AV1felpC8QtRs40J-qAm


High Salary and Enjoy the benefits this position offer!

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