• Teacher training

  • 51talk

  • 20K/MTH - 25K/MTH Beijing
  • Bachelor Experience: Mid-Senior Level Full-time
  • October 12, 2017

Job Description

Job Descriptions:
1. Local and native teacher training: train local and native teachers to teach 4-12 year students
2. Teacher Training System development: take part in teacher training system development and SOP designing
3. Training course R&D: take part in training course R&D
4. Teaching quality supervision: monitor and evaluate classroom teaching by local and native teachers, give feedbacks and suggestions for improvement
5. Work related to teaching, R&D of teaching products, teacher training and teaching administration

Desired Skill and Experience

1. Language requirement: proficient in English speaking, listening, reading and writing
2. Communication: good communicative and interpersonal skills
3. IT: basic skills in Microsoft Office software
4. Professionalism: love kids, be able to work under pressure, love new things and challenges

1. Degree and major: bachelor’s degree or above; majored in English, pedagogy, educational psychology or related fields; overseas education experience is preferred.
2. Work experience
• no less than 5 years’ experience in K12 English teaching, or over 2 years’ English teacher training experience
• over 2 years’ experience of online English teaching or teacher training is preferred.
3. Training and certificates
Experience in completing kid teacher training is preferred
Certificate holder of TKT (at least 3 modules), CELTYL, CELTA, TESOL, or CELT-P is preferred.

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Company Description

51Talk is China's leading online education company. We provide a one-stop online education platform that helps users to improve their English abilities. We are looking for International Teachers with enthusiasm, experience teaching kindergarten, and intercultural ambitions. This is an exciting opportunity to join an experienced team of international educators while learning about the most innovative and cutting edge online teaching practices.