• Neurology / Rehabilitaion Physician/Therapist

  • YaDa Hospital

  • 30K/MTH - 100K/MTH Others
  • Dr. Experience: Executive Full-time
  • June 24, 2019

Job Description

Responsible to bring International Rehabilitation knowledge (in neurological, geriatric, neurosurgical rehabilitation or for the orthopedic department in orthopedic rehabilitation) to the hospital.

Responsible to give lectures on different topics of rehabilitation medicine to the Chinese Attending and Resident doctors. In addition also to the nurses, psychologists and therapists on medical topics.

Does ward rounds and leads the weekly rehabilitations team meetings.

Desired Skill and Experience

Have experience of running a Rehabilitation Hospital in a leading position for at least 5 years
Specialist in neurology
Very good command of English language
Open minded for Chinese culture and conditions
Willing to work minmum 6 months/year in China
Motivated for new challenges and adaptable


Yada International Rehabilitation Hospital comprises a Nursing Center for the ages and is part of a larger project, a city for old people with a University for the Elderly, apartment buildings, nursing homes, shopping malls (30000 inhabitants in the final stage) . Investment and planning is done by an experienced and established investment group (YADA) and the project has political support from the local government.

Distance to Shanghai is 60 min, to Hangzhou 40min drive.
Lodging (western standard) is provided. Salary according to the experience and working period.
Most important is an engaged, smooth cooperation with the Chinese team and the small German group in order to provide state of the art therapies for an upper class patient clientele.

Company Description

Zhejiang YaDa International Rehabilitation Hospital/Medical and Nursing Center, invested by YaDa International, is the first high-end ecological medical and nursing institution with comprehensive rehabilitation function as well as wellness and aged-care services in China. Improving patients’ life quality, reconstructing their living ability, and bringing them back to family and society, are the missions of YaDa Hospital. With international management experience and rehabilitation technologies, top rehabilitation and nursing experts from China, German and Japan, YaDa International is devoted to provide patients with excellent quality medical and nursing services。
Location:Zhejiang Wuzhen