• Language teacher

  • East IP

  • 8K/MTH - 12K/MTH Beijing
  • Any education Experience: Executive Part-time
  • February 11, 2019

Job Description

Training English for employees

Proof read the translation of the technical materials

Other work arranged by a superior leader

Desired Skill and Experience

English as a native language

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  • Founded
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Company Description

Beijing East IP Ltd. and Beijing East IP Law Firm were founded by Dr. Lulin Gao, former Commissioner
of the State Intellectual Property Offce (SIPO), and a group of experienced Chinese and international
Beijing East IP Ltd. was established in September 2002 as an IP boutique company. Beijing East IP
Law Firm was established in 2004 as a general practice law frm that specializes in intellectual property
related laws. The combination of the company and the law frm enables us to offer a complete set of
intellectual property services. We have the unique experience necessary to better secure valuable
intellectual property rights, handle complex intellectual property litigation, structure and negotiate
technology transactions, and advise on general intellectual property strategies in order to most
effectively leverage our clients’ intellectual assets. Our complete services and unique experiences
developed into a proud history of representing multinational companies with their intellectual property
related issues.
We have grown to become one of the renowned IP agencies in China. With strong fnancial support, we
are now located in one of Beijing’s premier offce buildings, the Oriental Plaza