• House teacher for K-G2

  • T-school

  • 20K/MTH - 40K/MTH Beijing
  • Bachelor Experience: Executive Full-time
  • November 08, 2018

Job Description

• This position requires full attention to students, accompanying students on classes, activities and field-trips as needed
• Teach core subjects including language and math
• Be responsible for students’ safety, physical and mental well-being while on campus
• Be sensitive to the social and emotional development of students
• Keep student records and write reports as needed
• Communicate regularly with parents
• Coordinate with other teachers centered around students’ needs.
• Participate in routine meetings and research activities on teaching and learning, providing feedback of student performance.
• Open to learning and applying new concepts, techs and pedagogies in daily classroom teaching
• Monitor student academic performance using tools such as Rubicon Atlas

Desired Skill and Experience

• Bachelor’s Degree and above in education or related field
• Minimum 2 years of teaching experience in elementary school
• Certified teacher
• Familiar with teaching methods and theories of education in core subjects namely language and math
• Open to integrating technology into teaching and learning
• Feel comfortable working in a multicultural environment
• Vision of a learning community
• Student-centered philosophy
Work Hours: 40 hours a week (of which class hours no less than 20 hours)


Accommodation/ Housing subsidy + Flight Allowance + Insurances + Meals + Transportation, Living Allowance and Yearly Bonus + Reimbursement for relocation & visa application + Tuition discount for employee's children

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Company Description

What Does T-School Stand For?
T-School stands for
Tomorrow School: We aspire to prepare students to take tomorrow’s challenges, many of which may not yet emerge or be evident. Imagine a scenario when human beings immigrate to the Mars; how can people build a society from scratch to a fully functional and efficient one with food supply, shelter, energy and transportation, etc.
Technology School: Next generation should be empowered by technologies. On the other hand, the purpose for technology development is not for technology but for people. At T-school, we let everyone embrace and benefit from high techs, for example, face and voice recognition would be integrated in daily school life; and everyone will be encouraged to invent and utilize technologies to solve real-life problems; meanwhile, “people-centered” philosophy is emphasized and reinforced.
Team School: With the trend of globalization, the world becomes more complicated than ever. It is getting harder for individual superheroes to work alone to make differences. Team spirit is valued. Communications and collaborations are emphasized. Team work does not simply mean finishing a task with other people; it means much more: e.g. to find your trustworthy team member, to deal with individual differences, to protect intellectual property, to allocate resources and manage time effectively, to present ideas and to persuade others, etc. Team work for the most part of the world is real life.
Talent School: We believe that everyone could be talented. Talent is not born; it is acquired. We firmly believe in Confucius educational theory—teach according to aptitude and teach without discriminations. Everyone was born with some hidden gifts; we just need time and patience to dig them out.
Taste School: At T-school, one of our goals is to Cultivate Taste. Chinese culture is rooted in food; eating is passion for life, way to communicate, love for parents, and much more. We will help our students to eat not only healthily but also tastefully, and more importantly to extend the pursuit of taste to every aspect of life.