• Education Consultant-Shenzhen

  • Bonday International Education

  • 15K/MTH - 30K/MTH Shenzhen
  • Any education Experience: Associate Full-time
  • May 08, 2019

Job Description


- Evaluation of internationally inclined students.
- Mentorship, planning, and application guidance for US-bound students.
- Structured English reading and writing development.
- Career advice, resume building, and interview preparation.
- Other duties as necessary.

Desired Skill and Experience


- Bachelor’s degree or higher from a top US College, University, or Liberal Arts School.
- Currently living in China; willing to relocate to Shanghai.
- Native English fluency.
- Superior writing & editing skills.
- Good communication or teaching skills.
- Capable of using technology and able to adapt quickly to new procedures.
- Comfortable working both individually and as part of a team.
- Passion for higher education, reading, event planning, wellness, and mentorship.
- Chinese language skills preferred, but not required.


- The opportunity to work in a top entrepreneurial education start-up with experienced leaders in the field.
- Competitive package and health insurance coverage.

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Company Description

A China-based education technology company, Bonday Education works with talented Chinese students to better prepare them for their secondary and undergraduate studies in the U.S. and the U.K.
Bonday is dedicated to bringing the highest quality in personalized counseling and online educational tools to Chinese students, and has achieved impressive admissions results since its founding. In addition to preparing students for matriculation at top educational institutions, Bonday aims to nurture a globally minded generation of young adults.
Combining information, service, and technology, Bonday has a wide array of products tailored to assist Chinese students in building strong academic and extracurricular foundations. Whether seeking a “DIY” approach to their application or one-on-one assistance, all students will find support in Bonday’s comprehensive offerings, which include personalized counseling services, online courses, and Bonday’s mobile app, one of China’s most popular sources of information on the U.S. college application process.
As the industry leader, Bonday seeks to simplify the college admission process by empowering parents and students with accurate information through transparent communication.

Brian Ong is the founder of Bonday Education, a China-based education technology company with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen that is dedicated to providing Chinese students with the highest quality in personalized counseling and online educational tools.
As one of the most highly respected professionals in the industry in China, Brian believes in empowering students and parents with accurate information on the college admission process, both through personalized counseling as well as through content on the popular Bonday mobile app. Brian’s exceptional track record helping many outstanding Chinese students gain acceptances at top U.S. colleges is supported by his extensive knowledge of international education and over 10 years of experience in advising Chinese families on their children’s educational aspirations.
Brian is an ardent media commentator on key education issues and a sought-after public speaker. He was recently interviewed by Forbes Asia for his insights on China’s international education industry and was featured on the cover of its September 2017 issue.