• Scenic spot operation management

  • Kanglv Holding Group Co., Ltd.

  • 6K/MTH - 15K/MTH Others
  • Any education Experience: Entry Level Full-time
  • June 04, 2019

Job Description

Operation and management of tourism projects (resorts, scenic spots, etc.)

Desired Skill and Experience

No major requirement, but those with artistic talent and fluent Chinese are preferred. Receive fresh graduates.


1. Our company assists in dealing with the work permit and formalities of foreigners coming to our company.
2. Family visit fees are limited to the expenses of foreign individuals who travel between the place of employment of our company and the place of their family (including their spouses or parents'residence) by means of transport (only for large transport such as airplanes, trains and ships) and not exceed two times a year.
3. Our company provides accommodation allowance.
4. During the service period of our company, our company will provide necessary language training and job-related vocational skills training for foreign employees.

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Company Description

Since the establishment in 1994, Kanglv Holding Group has taken the lead in the cultural tourism industry. With the support of the Party committee and the government of each level, by adhering to the beliefs of “politeness, service, quality and ingenuity”, it has achieved a leapfrog development to realize its goals of “make the employees’ life happier and make the public’s life better”. At present, Kanglv Holding possesses more than 30 fully-owned and holding companies. Nearly 2 million people are served every year by the 1,500 employees. The Group has become a comprehensive intelligent service provider in the cultural tourism industry with four main businesses including travel life service, cultural tourism project construction, project development and operation, and cultural creation and exhibition.