• International schools' courses part-time teacher

  • DragonShow

  • 2K/MTH - 4K/MTH Beijing
  • Any education Experience: Entry Level Part-time
  • October 28, 2019

Job Description

Go to international schools to teach pupils or kindergartens relevant knowledge and organize students to make relevant Handworking.

Position (long-term recruitment) :
Science Lab, Robot,Aero-modeling,STEAM engineering ,Astronomy,Earth Science,Sensory Bin,Talent public speaker.
Working time:
Any afternoon from Monday to Friday,just one hour
Working Location:
International schools in Beijing, near the subway station (haidian district, changping district, shunyi district, chaoyang district, tongzhou district, daxing district)

Desired Skill and Experience

1. Have relevant teaching experience
2. Suitable teaching methods and contents can be formulated for children of different ages and personalities 3. Strong affinity, able to attract children's attention and have certain organizational ability
4. Fully understand the needs of students, master the psychological characteristics of students,
be good at communicating with students, and motivate students' enthusiasm;
5. Have good teachers' ethics and pay attention to teachers' quality
6. Have a sense of time, cooperate with the teachers in the district, and be able to teach in the branch area on time
7. Good appearance and English speaking ability is preferred

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Company Description

Company profile:
Founded in the summer of 2004, Beijing Dragon Show Culture & Arts Exchange Co., Ltd. Has three main businesses: "diversified characteristic campus courses", "characteristic campus art performances" and "international themed education travel".Diversified and characteristic school courses are mainly aimed at high-end international schools, with rich and novel curriculum design as the guide, exquisite and standardized class planning as the premise, and excellent teacher channels as the guarantee, to bring forth the new through the old, teaching through fun.International themed educational trips are mainly aimed at educational institutions at home and abroad and relevant customers. With characteristic culture and language learning as the recommendation core, the international themed educational trips are committed to organizing in-depth experience two-way educational trips to provide customers, especially young students, with brand new cultural experience.Featuring intramural art performances for all schools, educational institutions and training institutions.With the carefully selected performances introduced from overseas as the core features, we strive for perfection to bring the children the edify of Chinese and foreign culture and art, the characteristic language learning expansion and the whole-hearted happy growth.Since 2008, the company has become a partner of BLCA school education company in the United States. Every year, the company regularly sends splendid Chinese acrobatics groups to North America for annual touring performances, with nearly 2000 performances every year, successfully introducing Chinese art and culture in depth.
Company orientation:
Company as an independent innovation and deep cultural connotation of modern education service enterprise, constantly pursuing new perspective, new design, new production, to the enterprise into a "China's most outstanding campus characteristics, culture and art communication service providers", and will become "the most excellent international theme education communication services" to establish development direction and goals for the company.
Business philosophy:
Integrity of the ultimate service and care
Positive conviction and sense of glory
The wisdom and creativity of continuous learning
Courage and sense of responsibility
The spirit and loyalty to be the first
Interested applicant can email your resume to hr-pt@dragonshow.com