• Beijing Kindergarten Hire ESL Teacher

  • Beijing Risun Hongwen

  • 15K/MTH - 21K/MTH Beijing
  • Bachelor Experience: Entry Level Full-time
  • February 12, 2020

Job Description

Attend TF staff meetings, trainings, events
➢ Use mobile phone in classroom only for taking pictures of students and playing
daily music
➢ Wear uniform provided by TF every day (dark blue/black pants/jeans; black indoor
➢ Submit and authorize absence form by principal at least 2 days in advance; reason
of absence must be stated in Chinese; hand in submitted and signed form to the
front desk administrator
➢ Work hours are Monday to Friday 8:20 AM to 5:00 PM; lunch break 40 min.

Desired Skill and Experience

Delivering lessons according to the teaching outline provided by TF. Teaching
outline may be adjusted/edited if needed after consulting with supervisor
We very much welcome those who love children, childcare experience or teacher
degree to work with us.
➢ Develop and implement suitable classroom management system
➢ Establish and effect rules for acceptable behavior
➢ Instruct children on personal hygiene practices and self-care
➢ Create positive classroom environment that is conductive to learning
➢ Plan and conduct individual sessions with students within work hours
➢ Observe, evaluate and record children’s social and academic progress
➢ Provide constructive feedback to parents and administration
➢ Prepare and distribute Semester Reports on time (December-January)
➢ Plan and lead PTAs twice a year, Individual Parents meetings upon request
➢ Accomplish academic goals by the end of each semester according to the Academic
Goals provided by TF
➢ Submit Recommendation Letters for students as a part of primary schools’
application process
➢ Complete students’ portfolios by the end of school year (June)
➢ Take part in school activities and events
➢ Take full responsibility for students and class teachers safety
➢ Uphold TF culture and all school regulations and procedures in a supportive and
positive manner
➢ Respect student, teachers and all TF staff


Teacher of primary class:
we can provide salary of 17K--20k RMB per month
Provide house allowance
2. Teacher of preschool class:
we can provide salary of 20K—25K RMB per month
Provide house allowance

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Company Description

Beijing Risun Hongwen International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd.  It is specialized in matching Foreign Teachers to the public Schools all across the mainland of China. We are committed in providing you as a Foreign English Teacher with the skills, knowledge and to make teaching English in China the best experience possible. You can have a safe stay and pleasant teach in China and We supply work visa for you . Beijing risunhongwen International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd