• ESL Teacher Needed In China,

  • Beijing Risun Hongwen

  • 15K/MTH - 20K/MTH Others
  • Bachelor Experience: Entry Level Full-time
  • February 19, 2020

Job Description

1. Record English teaching videos for children aged 4-12;
2. Brainstorm script ideas for teaching videos and provide suggestions (including cultural misrepresentations, culture and grammatical mistakes and etc.) ;
3. Perform language checks, provide feedback, and complete edits on above products.

contact info
wechat:esljob_china skype: 0086 13228078769 live:dc9f64d38dce0bde
requirements1: your cv2:your self-introduction video3: your passport photo and your English certificate

Desired Skill and Experience

1. North American nationality, native English speaker with neutral accent;
2. Bachelor's Degree Awarded
3. Good acting skills, appealing to the camera;
4. Passionate about English training and teaching English to children
5. Priority given to candidates with work experience in kindergartens, primary schools or other fields in which English is taught to children;
6. High sense of responsibility, efficient work and goal-oriented;
7. Willing to work from Beijing


-  Competitive salary: 15 salary!! 15 months salary per year!30K-50K RMB per month
b-  Rent subsidy is provided. The rent must be within 30 minutes' walk of the company, 1500/ month
c-  Legal Z work visa support
d- Commercial insurance
e- Provide three free meals and free gym、holiday benefits

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Company Description

Beijing Risun Hongwen International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd.  It is specialized in matching Foreign Teachers to the public Schools all across the mainland of China. We are committed in providing you as a Foreign English Teacher with the skills, knowledge and to make teaching English in China the best experience possible. You can have a safe stay and pleasant teach in China and We supply work visa for you . Beijing risunhongwen International Culture Exchange Co., Ltd