• Assistant to General Manager


  • 10K/MTH - 15K/MTH Shanghai
  • Bachelor Experience: Associate Full-time
  • March 25, 2020

Job Description

1. Responsible for the communication, coordination, tracking and feedback of the general manager's work arrangements for department personnel;
2. Assist the general manager to carry out business management and track the achievement of the company's business goals;
3. Cooperate with the preparation of the general manager's meetings and other business information, and complete the relevant meeting records;
4. Cooperate with the general manager to handle external public relations, coordinate the general manager's work schedule, and make related appointments, receptions, and conference preparations according to the work schedule;
5. Responsible for assisting in managing company rules and regulations and supervising implementation
6. Provide general secretary support, including phone, schedule, business travel arrangements, expense reimbursement, etc .;
7. Assist the general manager to complete other tasks.

Desired Skill and Experience

1、Foreign people: Bachelor degree or above, excellent Chinese expression both writing & oral
2、 Proficient in using word ,excel and ppt;
3、 Logical thinking, do things methodical, have a keen concept of digital logic; 4、 Have high professional stability, strong sense of responsibility and professionalism;Able to adapt to the atmosphere of Internet companies, strong resistance to stress, and result-oriented;Be assertive, have high emotional intelligence, have strong organizational and teamwork skills, and be able to manage communication with middle managers and customers;Cheerful personality, self-confident and decent, good image temperament;

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Company Description

Our Services Model: a.Through direct channels like Tmall flagship store & official websites, we deeply engaged with end customers and deliver to them directly. b.Distribute products to other B2C platforms. Increase awareness, engagement & market share through these channels. c.Brands authorize us as the official distributor in certain channels. We make margin through purchase & resell. d.Brands can outsource PARTS or ALL of the ECommerce functions such as Strategy, Creative, Design, Fulfillment, etc. Accordingly, service fee and a percentage of commission will be charged.