• Looking for native Filipino speaker

  • Moonton

  • 8K/MTH - 18K/MTH Beijing
  • Any education Experience: Associate Full-time
  • December 08, 2017

Job Description

1. Organize and manage player volunteer team, help ensure progress and quality of localization work with the help of volunteers, and continually improve quality based on feedback.
2. Manage and operate official Facebook fanpage, website, forum, and other social media platforms, and formulate marketing plans according to update and event launches.
3. Gather and analyze player feedback and coordinate with the development department to improve player experience.
4. Keep in close communication with players, encourage UGC (user-generated content) and cultivate relationships with KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders).
5. Coordinate with marketing operation events and organize online and offline events such as tournaments, etc.
6. Develop partnerships with various local industries, establish good communication channels, and promote the game among local advertisers and operators.

Desired Skill and Experience

1. Undergraduate degree or higher.
2. Filipino citizenship. Native Filipino speaker, also proficient communicating in Mandarin.
3. A passionate gamer with lots of gaming experience. Please include 3 games you've played in the past year along with your resume.
4. A fast learner with good communication skills.
If interested, please send your CV to: jinchunfang@moonton.com

Company Description

Founded in 2014, Moonton still a relatively young software development company with currently around 20 employees. The Moonton core team all have more than a decade’s worth of games industry experience, yet the company is always seeking for more exciting new talent within or without in order to adapt with an always changing market. This means for Moonton, games are not just part of the DNA but also a way of life, as Mooton recognises that videogames are quickly becoming the main form of entertainment for China’s younger generations.

“Do what you say”, is Moonton’s motto, as we believe that by always evolving and adapting, we can then one day become the best. We want to use our talents to make products that can leave a strong impression, without the need for words. We welcome all people who have a passion for games to come and join us.